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Starting September 2022, High Peak Healthcare, headquartered in Bangor, Maine will be welcoming nurses from across the country to smaller New England hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and general, urgent care and specialized healthcare facilities for short term travel nursing contracts.


We are a little different than other travel nursing agencies

  • Our founder is highly experienced as both a staff and a travel nurse.
  • We are based in New England and provide staffing for medical facilities in the six New England states, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New
    Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.
  • We are a boutique agency which means we specialize in personalized recruitment, direct relationships with nurses who choose to take contracts with
    us, and with a collaborative approach with our clients.
  • We will work to get competitive contracts and placement at some of New England’s smaller premier hospitals.
  • We are 100% remotely operated. This means we have lower overhead costs and allows us to offer our nurses the best salary.



  • Temporary employment can be challenging when it comes to insurance, accreditation across state lines, and even housing. We work to make your transition to a new site as seamless as possible by providing attractive benefits.
  • Assistance with securing housing and generous housing allowances.
  • Direct pay deposit and automated timesheets using your smart phone.
  • Reimbursement for insurance (under the Affordable Care Act) so there is no need to change insurance with each assignment.
  • Retention bonuses when you take and complete multiple assignments with High Peak Healthcare.
  • 401K Plan
  • And more


For Hospitals and Care Centers

High Peak Healthcare understands the importance you place on hiring skilled medical professionals who learn quickly and adapt to new settings. We can help with that. We represent nurses who are personally vetted by our staff, and highly recommended by their peers. We hold exacting standards when recruiting nurses and seek those who make patient care, procedural compliance, and the ability to acclimate fast top priorities.

Our nurses are experienced in short-term placements, and sensitive to the staffing challenges hospitals face during peak times. They strive to collaborate with full-time staff, and value the institutional knowledge each brings.


Mission and Vision

High Peak Healthcare provides healthcare communities with dependable and trusted medical professionals, while offering our staff personal and professional enrichment opportunities.

We seek to build the safest, most reliable healthcare staffing agency in New England by connecting caring and competent medical professionals with healthcare providers to optimize the patient experience.

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