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Start Your Next

Nursing Adventure

Placing Traveling Nurses Throughout New England

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Start Your Next

Nursing Adventure

Placing Traveling Nurses Throughout New England

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Finding your first, or next, travel nursing job can be overwhelming. High Peak
Healthcare makes it easier.

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HPHC specializes in placing nurses around New England.

  • Nurses of all specializations are always in demand.
  • Medical facilities frequently need more nurses than they hire full-time.


We match all types of nurses with all types of facilities.

  • We work with med/surg, ICU, CCU, and OR nurses of all specializations.
  • We contract with hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, specialty medical centers,
    and even physicians’ offices in rural and urban areas.


How does it work?

  • Fill out the Get Started Form so we can get to know you.
  • We will review your interests, credentials, and availability.
  • We will then help you find your next job at a healthcare facility in New England.

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Caring for you is our priority.

  • We personally get to know you.
  • We advocate for you. We want you to be comfortable with the timing, salary, and logistics of any assignment you take with us.
  • We will help you to make the most money possible.
  • We are available when you need us.
  • We offer a competitive benefits package.
  • We provide a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) so you can maintain your current healthcare providers.
  • We provide a 401K plan from day one.


We want you to make the most money you can!

  • We help you find the work and location that earns you the most money.
  • We will also help you to determine the compensation package that meets your needs.
  • We will review hourly rates, overtime opportunities, shift differentials, expense reimbursements, including travel allowance, per diem, and living allowance with you to make sure you know exactly what to expect.
  • We will then work to facilitate an interview and screening process to ensure a match.
  • We operate remotely so we can keep our expenses low and maximize your salary.


We get to know every nurse and every healthcare facility.

  • We are a boutique travel healthcare agency. We are small and operate exclusively in the six New England states (although we recruit from all 50 states).
  • This means we will spend a lot of time and effort getting to know you, making sure we find you the right match and that you have every opportunity to be successful.
  • We focus on job placement and job satisfaction.
  • We work with you personally to ensure job satisfaction.
  • We are committed to helping you find your next job and want you to come back to us for many jobs after that.
  • We pride ourselves in the relationships we build.

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HPHC uses personal and online communications to get to know you.

  • We get to know you.
  • We review your interests and credentials.
  • We will help you find your next job.
  • We match you, your skills, and interests with a healthcare facility in New England.
  • Our jobs are posted here on our website so you can browse them at any time. You can apply online or contact us to discuss the details and your interests.
  • The process from initial interest through the conclusion of your assignment is managed online so you can always check up on your application status and your onboarding progress once you accept an offer. You can use your smart phone to automatically punch in and out and track shifts and schedules once you start an assignment. Our apps allow you to see your paystubs, benefits selections and track your 401k.

Still not sure: Click here to talk with one of our recruiters


New England’s four seasons are for endless adventuring:

  • The many mountains and lakes offer hiking, biking, boating, and swimming, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing. And then of course there is the ocean!
  • An HPHC recruiter will help you find a job in a location that is exciting to you.
  • We love the beauty of New England and want you to experience and love it too.

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We help with compliance and licensure.

  • We help make sure you are compliant with credentials and licenses.
  • We will help you obtain your compact license.
  • We help with obtaining licenses required in different states where the compact license is not accepted.
  • We will help with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as well.
  • We also provide the required medical screenings and vaccinations as specified by our clients.


We will help find you housing.

  • We want you to feel comfortable and safe wherever you are.
  • We will find you a furnished place to live and cover the cost.
  • If you would rather find a place yourself, we will help to maximize the housing allowance and provide some guidance on local housing resources.


The many benefits of becoming a travel nurse.

  • Short term assignments allow you to experience different work locations, processes, medical technologies, and tools.
  • Travel opportunities allow you to get to know new neighborhoods and people, and the chance to travel and explore even on your off days.
  • The variety of experience is great for building your resume. Travel nurses have a reputation for being flexible, adaptable, and able to manage uncertainty and high-pressure situations. These skills are highly valued on any resume and will help you plan for major growth in your career.
  • New experiences and people keep life interesting and exciting.


HPHC added benefits.

  • We provide a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) under the Affordable Care Act. This is a monthly payment meant to cover your health insurance and is available at the start of your first assignment with no waiting period. We have selected an HRA so you can maintain consistent healthcare coverage without having to change insurance, your Primary Care Physician (PCP), preferred pharmacy and any other healthcare services and providers you have currently. As you start and finish travel nurse assignments or shift to other travel nurse agencies, we do not want you to have to worry about changing all your healthcare every time.
  • You are automatically enrolled in our 401K program from day one (although you are free to opt out!), and we match up to 5% of your contributions.
  • One week of paid vacation upon completion of three assignments in a year.
  • Travel reimbursement to help you get to the job site. The details will differ with each assignment.
  • Referral bonuses when you recommend your fellow nurses who end up taking an assignment with HPHC.
  • Help and guidance with credentials and screenings.
  • In addition, each assignment will have expense reimbursements which may include a housing allowance, a per diem amount to cover meals and local transportation, shift and overtime differentials. Some assignments also include completion bonuses. You will always know what these are before you accept any assignment.


High Peak Healthcare helps you every step along the way.

  • Our recruiters will guide you through the process step by step.
  • We review the complete pay and benefits details with you in advance.
  • We will help you make travel arrangements and find suitable housing.
  • We help with credentialing, and background checks as required for each assignment.
  • We review the healthcare facilities for you to help ensure you will enjoy working there.


Getting you started at a new health care facility.

  • We help with credentialing and any site-specific requirements like medical and background screenings.
  • We work with the client to provide a site orientation.
  • We can provide local knowledge to help with things like getting around, good restaurants and shopping, and any other High Peak Healthcare nurses working in the area.


Contracts are typically for full-time work and run for 13 weeks (about 3 months), although that can vary.

  • Contracts vary in pay, benefits, and schedules, but you will always understand those details in advance.
  • Search our postings for contracts with the pay and schedule you like.
  • As you know from local nurse positions, our contracts often include shift work and built-in overtime.


When you are ready to move, we will help you get prepared.

  • We will help you find a place to live.
  • We help with being prepared for adventure.
  • We help you get to know the amenities and culture of the area.
  • If you want to travel with your pets, we will help.
  • If you want to travel with your family or other companions, we will help your family with the move.


Apply to be a travel nurse when you are ready.

  • Complete our information request and start looking at the specific job postings.
  • Decide the best time for you to start and finish an assignment.
  • Sign up and we will help you find an assignment that works for your schedule.


In case you are completely new to travel nursing.

A travel nurse is a professional nurse who takes a limited term assignment at a medical service facility away from their home. It compares with temporary jobs or “temping” in other fields and includes being in a location too far away from home to commute. Travel nurses stay in short-term housing near the work assignment. A travel nurse does commit, when they take the assignment, to work through the completion of the assignment, delivering the best and most professional care and to follow the processes, rules, and standards of the host medical facility.

In general, you need to work as a professional nurse for at least one year before being eligible for travel nursing assignments. Some medical facilities have additional requirements, particularly for some nursing specialties.

Each opportunity will have different requirements, pay rates, and expense allowances. We include as much of that information as possible in the postings, so you can evaluate your choices effectively.

In general, you need to work as a professional nurse for at least one year before being eligible for travel nursing assignments. Some medical facilities have additional requirements, particularly for some nursing specialties.

You can travel with your family and your pets. Lots of travel nurses do. We will help you find housing that welcomes all your traveling companions.

When you finish your assignment, you are encouraged to find another assignment with High Peak Healthcare. If you choose not to, you can always come back and work with us again in the future.


The general steps to becoming a travel nurse are:

  1. Complete the registration form found when you click HERE.
  2. Search through the positions we have posted here to find a good fit in terms of nursing specialization, pay rate, location, and specifics of the assignment, including duration and target start date.
  3. Apply for any positions you find interesting.
  4. We will contact you and begin the screening process, including an interview, verification of your application details and credentials, and a background check.
  5. Interview with the medical facilities hosting the jobs that interest you.
  6. Once you are accepted for a position, we will help you make travel and living arrangements. You will have a brief site-specific orientation at the host medical facility and get to work!

You can also click HERE to contact us, and we will be happy to talk to you directly and answer your questions. You can expect your first travel nursing experience to take several weeks to several months to complete the application, screening, matching, and credentialing process.

Start Your Next

Nursing Adventure

Placing Traveling Nurses Throughout New England

Get Started