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How do I become a travel nurse?

With a minimum of one year of professional nursing experience, you can expand your options exponentially by considering becoming a travel nurse. You can talk with one of our recruiters who can guide you through the whole process. The essential steps include searching through the positions we have posted here to find a good fit in terms of nursing specialization, pay rate, location and environment and specifics of the assignment, including duration and target start date. Once you find opportunities of interest, you can apply for them. The application process may include completing an application, uploading your resume and proof of credentials, contact details references.

We will contact you and begin the screening process, including an interview, verification of your application details and credentials and a background check. The next step would involve an interview with the medical facility hosting the job. Once you are accepted for the position you want, we will help you make travel and living arrangements. You would have a brief site-specific orientation at the host medical facility and get to work!

What are the specific requirements?

Each opportunity will have different requirements, pay rates, expense allowances, etc. We include as much of that information as possible in the posting, so you always know what you are looking at.

How far in advance should I apply for a travel nursing assignment?

It varies by opportunity. Some postings may be urgent, some not. As soon as you consider travel nursing, you can complete our information request. You can also start looking at the specific job postings. You decide the best time for you to start and finish an assignment and we will help you find an assignment that works for your schedule.

How long are travel nurse assignments?

They can vary, particularly during the pandemic. But the average assignment is 13 weeks (about 3 months). Again, we can help you find an assignment that makes sense for you.

What specialties have the most travel nurse jobs available?

We have jobs for all nursing specialists, as well as med/surg nurses for hospitals and skilled and long-term care facilities and even physician’s offices.

Can Canadian nurses work in the US?

Currently, High Peak Healthcare does not have the ability to engage Canadian nurses. Some agencies do and we are happy to make a recommendation.

Can I travel with a friend, partner, or family?

Absolutely! We encourage it. We can help you find living accommodation that is ideally suited to your needs. And if your travel companion is also a nurse, we are more than happy to them find a travel nurse position as well!

Can I travel with a pet?

Absolutely! Our founder traveled with her dog. Again, we are happy to help you find accommodation that works for you. And we know we would miss our pets too much to spend 13 weeks without them! And your dog is going to love exploring New England with you!

What are the benefits of travel nursing?

Of course, the biggest benefit is money. The sacrifices you make in being away from home should be well-compensated and they are. For many nurses, this is a key driver to becoming a travel nurse. But there are many benefits, including the opportunity to live in a different part of the country, explore the geography and culture, make new friends, get deep experience in your specialty and in seeing how things are done in different environments.

You can also take advantage of travel nursing opportunities to spend time with friends or family in various parts of the country – maybe spend a few months with your old college roommate or some time with your brother after his new baby is born. Maybe you’re from the city and need to get back to nature or be close to the ocean for the first time in your life. All of these are great opportunities that travel nursing can make possible. All while you’re earning an excellent salary and benefits that are quite competitive with what you would receive while working at your local hospital.

How much do travel nurses make?

Pay rates vary widely based on the location, duration, client standards and general job market. But we are not trying to dodge the question. We always want to be clear and make sure you know everything you need to make the best possible decision. We include these details right up front in each job posting, including hourly pay, scheduled weekly hours, shift differentials, call-back rates, per diem and living allowances. Feel free to scroll through our job listings and if you need some help figuring out what things mean or how you can calculate comparisons, let us know and we will help!

What is a travel nurse?

A travel nurse is a professional nurse who takes a limited term assignment at a medical service facility away from their home. It compares with temporary labor, or “temping” in other fields, but also includes being in a location too far away from home to commute. Travel nurses stay in short-term housing near the work assignment. A travel nurse does commit, when they take the assignment, to work through the completion of the assignment, delivering the best and most professional care and to follow the processes, rules and standards of the host medical facility.

How much experience do you need to be a travel nurse?

In general, you need to work as a professional nurse for at least one year before you are eligible for travel nursing assignments. Some medical facilities may have additional requirements, particularly for some nursing specialties.

Is travel nursing right for me?

Only you can know that for sure, but the good news is that we are happy to talk with you about it. And the assignments are generally a manageable duration, so if you take one assignment and find it is not a good fit for you, that’s fine! You can return to local nursing and if you see a travel nursing may work better for you at a later time, you can always come back to us!

What should I pack for my travel nursing assignment?

We have lots of guidance we can share with you, but essentially you will have access to everything you have at home in terms of shopping. You need clothes for the right weather at the time of your assignment and in the location. You will also need clothes and supplies for your interests and activities as well. You can bring your bicycle if you enjoy cycling – so don’t forget your helmet. If you like to swim, bring your bathing suit.

What you won’t need are general household supplies, like bedding and linens (except maybe your favorite pillow), kitchen equipment and supplies (unless you can’t live without your fabulous Wusthof chef’s knife), furniture (maybe you need that folding beach chair), as we’re happy to help you fine an appropriately furnished house or apartment. You may make some mistakes on your first assignment, but if you like travel nursing, you’ll get to be great at packing!

Do travel nurses get benefits like health insurance?

You can click here for our benefits page and see everything High Peak Healthcare offers. Because many of our nurses travel with us as well as other agencies, and we would not want to hve to change our doctors every time we take an assignment, we provide a Health Reimbursement Arrangement under the Affordable Care Act. That means you can use whatever health insurance you want, and we provide reimbursement to help pay for it. If you don’t have insurance, we can point you in the right direction to purchase it off the Marketplace.

Where will I live when I take a travel assignment?

We can help you find a place and will cover the cost. The fully furnished houses or apartments we have available are close to your work location, sometimes even within walking distance. If you would rather find your own place, we can give you some direction in terms of local resources and you can elect to receive the defined housing allowance instead.

Does HPHC provide free CEUs?

Yes. High Peak Healthcare will reimburse you for up to three CEU hours per assignment with pre-approval.

Can I take a travel nurse job if I’m not familiar with the city where it’s located?

We think that’s the BEST idea! We love exploring new places and strongly encourage our nurses to do the same. If you have a map or GPS on your phone, you can get around anywhere without too much trouble. And it could be great fun to explore new restaurants and parks, join the local gym, learn to kayak and see the sights with the new friends you’ll make on your assignment!

How do I apply for a travel nurse job?

Just click HERE to get started. Our recruiter will contact you and talk you through the whole process. You can also click HERE to start looking at our available opportunities right now.

How long does it take to become a travel nurse?

It will vary based on your needs and the details of the opportunities we have available, but in general, you can expect your first travel nursing experience to take several weeks to several months to complete the application, screening, matching and credentialing process.

Are the travel assignments full time positions? Am I eligible for overtime?

The pay rates are always included in the job posting. The assignments are full time, but temporary positions. And overtime is often included. This means you will work a full-time schedule, sometimes more. It’s common to schedule travel nurses for four 12-hour shifts per week.

But the assignments do have end dates, so they are not permanent positions. There are occasionally part-time assignments available, but they are not common. However, if that’s what interests you, let us know and we will try to find a fit.

Do you offer any bonuses or have any incentive programs?

Yes. Some assignments include completion bonuses, and the details would be included in the job posting. In addition, we offer a week of paid leave after completion of three assignments in a year. And click HERE to learn more about our referral bonuses.

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